Physical Science Final Review Question Preview (ID: 34261)

Review Over Newton And Simple Machines.

Throwing a ball with more force to increase acceleration is an example of Newton’s
a) 1st law
b) 2nd law
c) 3rd law

18. Which of Newton’s Three laws does the following statement satisfy? The relationship between an object’s mass (m), its acceleration(a), and the applied force(F) is F=ma.
a) 1st law
b) 2nd law
c) 3rd law

Which law states the need to wear seatbelt?
a) 1st law
b) 2nd law
c) 3rd law

____________ was the scientist who gave us the Laws of Motion
a) Galileo
b) Albert Einstein
c) Sir Isaac Newton

Two people are pulling a refrigerator into a garage. One person is pulling south with a 30 N force, while the other is pulling south with a 25 N force. What is the net force?
a) 5 N south
b) 5 N north
c) 55 N north
d) 55 N south

Mass and weight
a) both measure the same thing
b) are exactly equal
c) are two different quantities
d) are both measured in kilograms

A golf club hits a golf ball with a force of 2400 N. The golf ball hits the club with a force
a) Slightly less than 2400 N
b) Exactly 2400 N
c) Slightly more than 2400 N
d) Close to 0 N

A rocket taking off is an example of Netwon's
a) 1st law
b) 2nd law
c) 3rd law

Pushing off the wall at the ice skating rink and going in the opposite direction is an example of Newton's
a) 1st law
b) 2nd law
c) 3rd law

Force equals mass times _____
a) velocity
b) acceleration
c) momentum
d) mass

According to Newton's second law of motion, if force remains the same but mass increases, then acceleration will
a) increase
b) decrease
c) stay the same
d) not be measurable

If you push on a wall with a force of 30 N the force acting on you is
a) 0 Newtons
b) 10 Newtons
c) 20 Newtons
d) 30 Newtons

According to Newton's Third law, action and reaction are
a) equal and in the same direction
b) equal and in opposite directions
c) unequal and in the same direction
d) unequal and in the opposite direction

Motion is produced by
a) all forces
b) unbalanced forces
c) balanced forces
d) absence of force

The tendency of matter to remain in constant motion unless acted on by an outside, unbalanced force is called
a) acceleration
b) momentum
c) inertia
d) force

If two people are pulling against each other with forces of 500 N and 600 N there is a/an
a) unbalanced force
b) balanced force

Rocket engines operate on the principle of
a) balanced forces
b) inertia
c) unbalanced forces
d) action and reaction

Blowing up a balloon and letting it go is an example of
a) 1st law
b) 2nd law
c) 3rd law

A newton is equivalent to which of the following quantities?
a) kg
b) kg*m/s
c) kg*m/s2

16. Which are simultaneous equal but opposite forces resulting from the interaction of two objects?
a) Net external forces
b) field forces
c) gravitational forces
d) action-reaction pairs

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