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Experiment A uses excess acid and 5g of chalk powder, experiment B uses excess acid and 10g of chalk powder
a) Experiment B would be faster
b) Experiment A would be faster
c) More product would be made in experiment B
d) Experiment C would be faster

2 experiments using chemicals A and B are carried out. Reaction A finishes after 95 seconds and reaction B finishes after 1 minute 35 seconds. Which of the following is correct.
a) Reaction A was faster
b) Reaction B was faster
c) Reaction C was faster
d) Both reactions occurred at the same speed.

To make an experiment a fair test you must
a) only change one variable at a time while keeping all other conditions the same
b) change all variable except one
c) repeat the experiment at least twice
d) measure everything carefully

Catalysts do not need to be replaced frequently because
a) they are very expensive
b) they are dangerous
c) they are not used up in a reaction
d) they do not do anything

How could I make the reaction between acid and marble chips faster?
a) Use smaller marble chips
b) Use a lower acid concentration
c) Use a lower temperature
d) Have a smaller surface area of marble

Which of the following does NOT increase the rate of a reaction?
a) Using a catalyst
b) Increasing the temperature of reactants
c) Increasing the size of reactant particles
d) Increasing the concentration of reactants

Which of the following statements about collisions is correct?
a) All colliding particles have the same amount of energy
b) Only fast-moving particles collide with each other
c) Reactions can happen if the colliding particles have enough energy
d) Particles do not need to collide before they react

Why does reaction rate increase as the temperature increases?
a) Particles begin to collide at higher temperatures
b) At higher temperatures particles move faster and collide more often
c) There are more particles at higher temperatures, so they collide more
d) The particles have less energy when the temperature is increased

Why does reaction rate increase as the concentration increases?
a) The particles have more energy so there are more collisions
b) There are more particles so there are more collisions
c) The surface area is increased so there are more collisions
d) The particles are moving faster

A catalyst...
a) Speeds up the rate of a reaction without being used up
b) Slows down the rate of reaction without being used up
c) Speeds up the rate of a reaction and must be replaced at the end of an experiment
d) Is the thing a cat makes before it goes shopping

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