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A Review Game For Economics Vocab Words.[print questions]

All the following are examples of good EXCEPT
a) forks
b) spoons
c) knives
d) a chef

to divide up the work so each worker does a peice
a) division of labor
b) economics
c) specialization
d) addition of labor

a resource used for production
a) service
b) specialization
c) productive resource
d) trade

To make one or a few products
a) economics
b) goods
c) specialization
d) consequences

All of the following are services EXCEPT
a) teachers
b) doctors
c) chefs
d) hammers

to exchange one thing for another
a) trade
b) economics
c) specialization
d) goods

Money Metropolis had you participate in
a) making choices
b) making trades
c) experiencing consequences
d) all of the answers

When your shirt is made in another country you are participating in
a) global parties
b) globes
c) global trading
d) national trading

Chipotle is an example of
a) economics
b) specialization
c) division of labor
d) specialization and division of labor

Economics is ___
a) awesome!
b) boring
c) terrible
d) a name of a monkey

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