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USI.4b.[print questions]

Which group traded with Native American Indians (not inside of trading posts)?
a) Spanish
b) English
c) French
d) Germans

Which group conquered and enslaved American Indians?
a) Spain
b) France
c) England
d) Germany

Although all, which group does Virginia want you to credit with bringing European diseases to American Indians?
a) English
b) French
c) Spanish
d) Germans

Which of the following is an example of cultural interaction between the American Indians and Europeans?
a) sharing of navigational tools and ships
b) establishment of trading posts
c) sharing the routes of exploration from Europe
d) competition for empires among European nations

What could you infer about the English settlers because of their interactions with American Indians? The English needed to____________
a) farm for survival.
b) buy slaves to work on their ships.
c) learn a passage to the Pacific Ocean.
d) learn shipbuilding techniques.

England (1) traded with American Indians, (2) established settlements, and (3) ---
a) Established forts along the Mississippi
b) Learned farming techniques from American Indians
c) Conquered and enslaved
d) Spread Catholicism along the border

One of the reasons the Spanish explored North America was to promote —
a) art
b) slavery
c) religion
d) farms

One subject of conflict between settlers and American Indians was the —
a) exchange of food
b) ownership of land
c) style of farming techniques
d) number of trading posts

French explorers cooperated with American Indians by —
a) becoming large landowners
b) adopting foreign religions
c) sharing farming techniques
d) establishing trading posts

Which group believed that land was to be used and shared but not owned?
a) Spanish
b) French
c) English
d) First Americans

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