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A ______ is a long period of time without rain.
a) irrigation
b) Great Serpent Mound
c) drought
d) Mesa Verde

The Aztecs captured prisoners and forced them to become _____________.
a) irrigation
b) drought
c) slaves
d) Kiva

The Maya did not survive due to a _______ of food.
a) The Great Serpent Mound
b) Kiva
c) shortage
d) civilization

A ______________ is a culture that has developed a complex system of goverment, education, and religion.
a) Kiva
b) civilization
c) slaves
d) Four Corners

The Aztecs are famous for the city of
a) Mesa Verde
b) Tenochitlan
c) Unadilla
d) Azztecville

A civilization needs a _______ to survive.
a) Machines
b) Money
c) Farm Tractor
d) surplus of food

The Mound Builders are famous for building
a) mounds
b) hills
c) mountains
d) trenches

A ______ is an underground room used by Native American men for religious ceremonies.
a) kiva
b) shortage
c) slave
d) Aztec

The ____________ is a famous mound
a) Great Serpent Mound
b) shortage
c) drought
d) Mesa Verde

Because of the dry climate, the Anasazi had to develop _______________ to get water to their crops.
a) drought
b) slaves
c) four corners
d) irrigation

The Aztec lived in what is now
a) The United States
b) China
c) Southern Mexico
d) Canada

The main source of food for the Maya
a) potatoes
b) squash
c) beans
d) corn

Where Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona meet is called the
a) drought
b) Four Corners
c) Mesa Verde
d) slaves

The Maya are known for
a) Inverting the calendar, Developing complex writing system, inventing the number 0
b) markets
c) inventing electricity
d) burgers

The Maya lived in
a) Canada
b) Mexico Guatamala
c) Africa
d) The United States

________ is the home of Cliff Palace, which has 217 rooms carved out of the side of a steep cliff.
a) Mesa Verde
b) Great Serpent Mound
c) KIva
d) Four Corners

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