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The philosopher focused on healing people
a) Aristotle
b) Hippocrates
c) Socrates
d) Pythagoras

Believing in more than one God
a) Monotheistic
b) Pragmatic
c) Polytheistic
d) Multdimensional

God of the heavens
a) Zeus
b) Athena
c) Hera
d) Poseidon

This philosopher looked for answers through discussion
a) Socrates
b) Pythagoras
c) Aristotle
d) Plato

This philosopher focused on Mathematics
a) Socrates
b) Aristotle
c) Pythagoras
d) Hippocrates

Type of Drama that often makes fun of issues and/or people
a) Tragedy
b) Romance
c) Comedy
d) Drama

This column is the fanciest and is usually decorated with a leafy design
a) Ionic
b) Doric
c) Corinthian
d) Pediment

This Column is the Simplest
a) Ionic
b) Doric
c) Corinthian
d) Pediment

This column has scrolls on the top
a) Ionic
b) Doric
c) Corinthian
d) Pediment

He conquered much of Greece after the Peloponnesian war
a) Alexander the Great
b) Augustus Caesar
c) Zeus
d) Pericles

The first battle of the Persian War
a) Salamis
b) Marathon
c) Thermopylae
d) Platae

The most significant battle of the Persian War. 300 Spartan Soldiers fought to the death
a) Salamis
b) Marathon
c) Thermopylae
d) Platea

During this war Sparta and Athens were Allies
a) Trojan War
b) Persian War
c) Peloponnesian War
d) Punic Wars

He was a leader of Athens during their Golden Age
a) Alexander the Great
b) Solon
c) Pericles
d) Euclid

What was the goal of the Delian League?
a) Rebuild Athens after the Persian War
b) Conquer Persia
c) Unify city states and protect Greece from invasions
d) Support democracy in Athens and other city states

Which is NOT a legacy of Ancient Greece
a) Architecture
b) Philosophy
c) Government
d) War

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