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Which would best help in preventing a river from being eroded?
a) loose soil
b) thick grass
c) heavy rainfall
d) increased grazing by animals

The main disadvantage of using solar energy to generate electricity is that solar panels.
a) It encourages public utility
b) produce water pollution.
c) are expensive to operate.
d) are expensive to purchase.

Which will most likely form when movement along a plate boundary forces a landmass to be pulled apart?
a) volcanic island arc
b) continental mountains
c) continental rift
d) oceanic trench

Human actions can change the rate at which soil erodes. Which of the following would most likely slow the rate of soil erosion?
a) applying nitrogen-rich fertilizers
b) keeping grasses trimmed short
c) building houses on stilts
d) planting trees along cliffs

A local government voted against the large-scale development of buildings and roads in the area. What could have been the motive behind their decision?
a) It could lead to a decrease in the average annual temperature in the area.
b) It could lead to the formation of heat islands, which may impact the microclimate in the area.
c) It could lead to the introduction of invasive species, which may impact the area.
d) It could lead to a decrease in acid rain production in the area.

Which is a major source of air pollution created by humans?
a) hydroelectric plants
b) industrial factories
c) reforestation
d) nuclear power

Which would most likely cause a reduction in the amount of coal and natural gas on Earth?
a) a continual increase in the amount of pollution in Earth’s atmosphere
b) a continual increase in the number of people on Earth
c) a continual decrease in the amount of water in Earth’s aquifers
d) a continual decrease in the amount of rain forests on Earth

What long-term impact could the destruction of large areas of forests have on Earth?
a) decreased rates of erosion
b) increased atmospheric carbon dioxide levels
c) decreased amounts of acid rain
d) increased atmospheric oxygen levels

How could the removal of trees and other vegetation impact an environment?
a) by increasing oxygen production
b) by increasing soil formation
c) by increasing transpiration
d) by increasing erosion

Which is an advantage of safely using uranium as an energy source rather than using coal?
a) Uranium produces energy without polluting the atmosphere, while burning coal can increase the CO2 in the atmosphere.
b) Uranium reduces the amount of thermal pollution, while burning coal can increase the amount of thermal pollution.
c) Uranium is the most cost-efficient energy resource, while coal is the most expensive energy resource.
d) Uranium can be easily mined from deep within Earth, while coal is a hard resource to mine from deep within Earth.

Which is most likely a prevention strategy for flooding?
a) building artificial levees
b) reducing water consumption
c) recycling bottled-water containers
d) building waste landfills for metals and other contaminants

How can urbanization affect a local area?
a) It can increase the number of invasive species in an area.
b) It can decrease the risk of water pollution in an area.
c) It can increase the risk of flooding in an area.
d) It can decrease the need for natural resources in an area.

Which of the following sets of conditions would be most suitable when selecting a site for a waste dump?
a) high slope, high porosity, sandstone, low rainfall
b) low slope, moderate porosity, limestone, high rainfall
c) low slope, low porosity, clay stone, low rainfall
d) high slope, high porosity, granite, moderate rainfall

Cracks in rocks widen as water in them freezes and thaws. How does this affect the surface of the Earth?
a) It reduces the rates of soil formation.
b) It changes the chemical composition of the rocks.
c) It exposes rocks to increased rates of erosion and weathering.
d) It limits the exposure of rocks to acid precipitation.

Wind farms are clusters of wind turbines. They sell their electricity to utility companies. New technologies recently decreased the cost of producing electricity from wind. Which is a potential benefit of making this source of energy affordable?
a) It allows individuals to use wind energy to power their homes.
b) It causes individuals to seek other non-renewable energy sources.
c) It enables government agencies to regulate wind power generators.
d) It encourages public utility companies to raise the cost of electricity.

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