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What does IMPETUS mean?
a) Constraint
b) Stimulus
c) Desire
d) Propel

What does NOSTALGIA mean?
a) Waiting for the future.
b) Being sad about something you lost.
c) Being content with the present.
d) Longing for the past.

An antonym for SCRUTINIZE is...
a) skim
b) inspect
c) watch
d) analyze

If someone is TEPID they are...
a) excited
b) unenthusiastic
c) calm
d) cold

If I like to keep everything in its proper place I am...
a) retrogressive
b) impervious
c) meticulous
d) nostalgic

The HOLOCAUST survivors witnessed...
a) destruction
b) chaos
c) an avalanche
d) political unrest

What is an antonym for IMPERVIOUS?
a) unaffected
b) resistant
c) impenetrable
d) vulnerable

JEOPARDY means...
a) safety
b) danger
c) chance
d) bet

To RETROGRESS means...
a) to dress in old clothing.
b) to evolve.
c) to move forward.
d) to move backward.

a) the most unusual example
b) the most typical example
c) the worst example
d) the best example

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