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As a result of the worldwide economic depression, what political party rose to power in Germany?
a) Republican Party
b) Nazi Party
c) Democratic Party
d) Capital Party

WWII came to an end when
a) the allies captured Berlin
b) the allies defeated Italy
c) the axis powers defeated Russia
d) the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan

Why did the Nazi Party become the largest party in Germany's government?
a) Voters were upset about the state of Germany's economy
b) They promised to take over the world
c) They won a civil war
d) Mussolini was a powerful leader

What was the World War II alliance of Germany, Japan and Italy called?
a) The nazis
b) The Axis Powers
c) The Allies
d) The Central Powers

Russia had to pull out of WWI, Russians were starving due to lack of food and the Czar was assassinated, what did these lead to?
a) WWI
c) Russian Revolution
d) The Cold War

What was the result of the Russian Revolution?
a) The czar allowed the working class to be part of the government.
b) Free elections were held
c) Lenin and the Reds won the revolution and Russia became communist
d) The czar remained in power

What is anti-Semitism?
a) hatred of the Soviet Union
b) discrimination and mistreatment of Jews
c) discrimination and mistreatment of native americans
d) hatred of the United States

What was did the Cold War come out of?
a) Russian Revolution
b) WWI
d) Civil War

What things did Germany have to do as a part of the Treaty of Versailles?
a) downsize their military and burn their buildings
b) burn their buildings and pay war reparations to the Allies
c) downsize they military and pay war reparations to the Allies
d) Put Hitler in jail and burn their buildings

First the Treaty of Versailles was signed, then German depression hit and then what event happened next?
a) The Cold War
b) WWI
d) The Russian Revolution

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