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What part of the plant is most similar in function to the human skeletal system?
a) Stem
b) Bark
c) Leaves
d) Roots

Which organ of the digestive system mashes food and mixes it with acid?
a) Brain
b) Intestine
c) Ribs
d) Stomach

What is the correct life cycle of a fruit tree?
a) Seed-growth-flower-fruit
b) Fruit-growth-flower-seed
c) Seed-flower-growth-fruit
d) Flower-Seed-Fruit-Growth

Why is rubbing alcohol used to clean the skin?
a) To prevent infection
b) It's cold
c) It can improve texture
d) It is similar to water- so it is easy to use.

What part of the body is responsible for sending messages and signals to the brain?
a) Fingers
b) Nerves
c) Cells
d) Organs

Which specialized cells are found in ears?
a) hair cells
b) skin cells
c) brain cells
d) water cells

19. Which two body systems work together closely to produce movement in human limbs?
a) Muscular and skeletal
b) Cardiovascular and digestive
c) Lyhmphatic and reproductive
d) Digestive and Muscular

List the order of systems in plants and animals from the simplest to the most complex.
a) Organisms-Organ-Organ Systems
b) Organs-organ systems- organisms
c) Organs- organisms-organ systems
d) Organ systems-organs-organisms

What is the function of our skin?
a) It protects the body from germs and keeps water inside the body.
b) It is the smallest organ of the body
c) There is no function
d) To aide in sleep cycles

Which one of your senses can alert you that there is food cooking nearby?
a) Taste
b) Smell
c) Touch
d) Sound

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