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The long period of time before humans invented writing systems was called?
a) Ice Age
b) Old Stone Age
c) Neolithic Revolution
d) Prehistory

This group of people study how people lived in the past?
a) Historians
b) Archaeologists
c) Economists
d) Cartographers

Paleolithic people who migrated following animals are considered?
a) Nomadic
b) Settlers
c) Pilgrims
d) Crusaders

Nomadic paleolithic peoples are typically referred to as
a) Sumarians
b) Egyptians
c) Hunters and Gatherers
d) Animals

Humans learned to farm and domesticate animals during this time period 10,000 to 15,000 years ago?
a) Age of Justinian
b) Neolithic Revolution
c) Ancient Egypt
d) Catal Huyuk

Belief Systems, Organized governments, Job Specialization, Social Classes, Art and literature are all this?
a) Features of a Civilization
b) Empire Building tools
c) Environmental Factors
d) Forms of Government

What continent does the Amazon River lie in?
a) North America
b) South America
c) Africa
d) Europe

What mountain range divides the continents of Europe and Asia?
a) The Ural Mountains
b) Andes Mountains
c) Adirondack Mountains
d) The Swiss Alps

What ocean is bordered by Africa, India and Australia?
a) Pacific Ocean
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Arctic Ocean
d) Indian Ocean

What very large body of water separates Europe from Africa?
a) Red Sea
b) Black Sea
c) mediterranean Sea
d) Sea of Japan

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