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Tom Sawyer's and his friends all hate one boy in the town because he is well-behaved all the time. That boy is
a) Joe Harper
b) Willie Mufferson
c) Huckleberry Finn
d) Tom Blankenship

What prized possession does Tom give to Becky Thatcher?
a) his best marble
b) a piece of broken blue glass
c) a brass doorknob
d) a dead rat

Who is the innocent man unjustly accused of killing Dr. Robinson in the graveyard?
a) Outlaw Joe
b) Muff Potter
c) Sam Douglas
d) Mr. Harper

how is Dr. Robinson killed?
a) strangled
b) shot
c) beaten
d) stabbed

What great skill does Tom show off that impresses Becky Thatcher?
a) he can draw
b) he can stand on his hands
c) he smokes a pipe
d) he spits double

Tom's younger brother's name is
a) Sam
b) Tad
c) Sid
d) Enos

What does Tom find at Sunday School that completely distracts him and his classmates?
a) a frog
b) a pinch bug
c) a mouse
d) a silver dollar

Tom admits to being late for school because he was with Huck Finn. He admits this because...
a) he wants his teacher to know that he isn't afraid to be punished.
b) he knows the teacher will 'punish' him by making him sit next to Becky Thatcher
c) he decided to always tell the truth
d) he hopes they will force Huck to go to school

What does everyone hear that makes them aware that someone is dead?
a) A mooing cow
b) A howling wolf
c) A howling dog
d) The frogs stop croaking at the same time

Becky misses several days of school because...
a) she is sick
b) she is angry at Tom
c) she was kidnapped
d) her mother took her to St. Louis

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