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Your body sweats to help maintain
a) competition
b) homeostasis
c) a heterotroph
d) an autotroph

An example of an autotroph is
a) an animal
b) a plant
c) a mushroom
d) a slime mold

All of these are examples of heterotrophs EXCEPT
a) plants
b) animals
c) mushrooms
d) a slime mold

Organisms need ______ to make food, grow, reproduce, and move substances in its body.
a) food
b) air
c) water
d) living space.

Organisms need _______________ space to get food and water and find shelter.
a) homeostatis
b) living
c) autotroph
d) heterotroph

Because there is limited space on Earth, some organisms must _______ for living space
a) homeostatis
b) autotroph
c) heterotroph
d) compete

A fox having a thick coat in winter and a shorter coat in summer is an example of
a) homeostatis
b) an autotroph
c) a heterotroph
d) competition

What is a heterotroph?
a) an organism that makes its own food
b) an organism that cannot make its own food
c) the maintenance of stable internal conditions
d) a prize for a car

Which of the following is NOT a need of all living things?
a) air
b) water
c) living space
d) food

What is an autotroph?
a) a prize for a car
b) the maintenance of stable internal conditions
c) an organism that cannot make its own food
d) an organism that makes its own food

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