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A leaf or tree brought to Pennsylvania
a) Introduced
b) Alternate
c) Opposite
d) Native

A leaf or tree that has been in Pennsylvania as long as we know
a) Introduced
b) Alternate
c) Opposite
d) Native

Leaves fall off and change color in fall
a) deciduous
b) coniferous
c) evergreen
d) introduced

does not fall off or change color in the fall
a) deciduous
b) coniferous
c) native
d) opposite

leaves are arranged directly across from one another
a) native
b) simple
c) opposite
d) alternate

leaves are arranged so one is higher than the other
a) alternate
b) opposite
c) simple
d) introduced

What is purpose of leaves?
a) produces energy by photosynthesis
b) draws water from the soil
c) holds up the plant
d) anchors the plan

What is the purpose of a stem?
a) produces energy by photosynthesis
b) anchors a plant and stores food
c) holds up plant and supports leaves
d) draw water from the soil

Which is NOT a purpose of a root?
a) produce energy by photosynthesis
b) anchors a plant
c) stores food
d) draws water and nutrients from the soil

What is the correct equation for photosynthesis?
a) carbon dioxide + water --- sunlight---- )glucose + oxygen
b) carbon dioxide + glucose --- sunlight----) glucose + oxygen
c) glucose + water --- sunlight---- ) carbon dioxide + oxygen
d) oxygen + water --- sunlight---- )glucose + carbon dioxide

What is the meaning of the state name Pennsylvania?
a) Named for a deciduous tree
b) Named for William Penn's woods
c) Named for William Penn's evergreen trees
d) Named for leaves falling in Penn's backyard

What means multiple leaves together on a twig?
a) compound
b) simple
c) deciduous
d) coniferous

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