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What is called when people work together towards a common goal?
a) Popular Sovereignty
b) Command
c) Collaboration
d) Chaos

Laws are need because when people collaborate they also often experience which of the following?
a) Chaos
b) Common Good
c) Civilization
d) Conflict

When there are no laws and people are fighting over resources which of the following occurs?
a) Command
b) Social Contract
c) Chaos
d) Common good

In which age were people mostly nomadic?
a) Paleolithic Age
b) Neolithic Age
c) Prehistoric Age
d) Ice Age

What do people give up in a social contract to help maintain order?
a) Chaos
b) Freedoms
c) Food
d) Water

Town and cities can only develop if a society has which of the following?
a) A writing system
b) A transportation system
c) A stable food supply
d) Laws

What geographic feature was helpful for developing early civilizations?
a) River valleys
b) Mountains
c) Deserts
d) Tundra

Why was Hammurabi's code important?
a) It told the people how to invent new things
b) It was the first published set of laws
c) It helped people figure out where they were going
d) It allowed people to share ideas

Which of the following describes what economy means?
a) How people get what they need (trading, jobs, etc)
b) What gods people worship
c) Who has the power in a society
d) How people adapt to the land

When people created a stable food supply, which of the following also happened?
a) People lived in larger groups
b) People stopped being nomadic
c) People had time to invent new things
d) All answers are correct

Which of the following is another name for Mesopotamia?
a) Fertile Crescent
b) Crescent Roll
c) Indus River Valley
d) Ancient River Land

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