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Friction can be increased by adding :
a) wheels
b) lubricants
c) more force
d) less force

When forces work in opposite directions, objects are:
a) easier to move.
b) harder to move.
c) always moving.
d) always balanced.

Friction can be reduced by adding:
a) sand
b) dryness
c) more force
d) lubricants

Forces do not result in an object moving when they are:
a) lighter
b) heavier
c) unbalanced
d) balanced

When forces work in the same direction, objects are__________.
a) easier to move.
b) harder to move.
c) not moving.
d) balanced

Friction happens because:
a) all surfaces are rough.
b) magic friction gnomes.
c) things are moving too fast.
d) things aren't moving fast enough.

Friction that keeps an object from moving.
a) net force
b) unbalanced friction
c) kinetic friction
d) static friction

Friction depends on:
a) speed and roughness
b) force and roughness
c) force and speed
d) distance and time

When a force causes a change in motion, the object is:
a) unbalanced
b) balanced
c) static
d) fig newtons

A force that opposes motion between two surfaces is:
a) unseen
b) newtons
c) net force
d) friction

Friction between moving objects is:
a) balanced friction
b) newton friction
c) kinetic friction
d) static friction

Force is measured in:
a) kinetic forces
b) static forces
c) minticlorions
d) newtons

Forces that aren't moving are:
a) unbalanced
b) balanced
c) kinetic
d) friction

A push or pull is called a:
a) balance
b) measurement
c) force
d) friction

The total of all the forces acting on an object is:
a) net force
b) static friction
c) kinetic friction
d) balanced

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