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What type of tool collects light from stars to help identify elements?
a) Spectroscope
b) satellite
c) Space probe
d) telescope

What is the shape of our galaxy?
a) Spiral
b) Irregular
c) Elliptical
d) Square

What type of galaxies are classified as being shaped like spheres or flattened disks?
a) Elliptical
b) Spiral
c) Irregular
d) Nebulae

what is the distance light can travel in one year
a) light year
b) rainbow
c) Refraction
d) year of light

Where is our sun in regards to its position in the galaxy?
a) One of the spiral arms
b) In the nucleus
c) in Middle
d) Beside Jupiter

What is the name of our galaxy?
a) Milky way
b) Andromeda
c) Keplar
d) Snickers

What is the shift that describes when galaxies are starts are moving AWAY from each other
a) Red shift
b) Blue shift
c) Red waves
d) Wavelength

These instruments travel out of Earth’s orbit to explore places that would be too dangerous for astronomers.
a) Space probes
b) Spectroscopes
c) Telescopes
d) Satellites

What type of telescope uses convex lenses to bend and focus light rays to produce images of objects in space?
a) Reflector
b) Refractor
c) Radio
d) Satellite

What is a collection of gas and dust and are remnants from the formation of the universe?
a) Nebulae
b) Stars
c) Galaxies
d) Red shift

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