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Which of the following is not a part of our environment?
a) Our DNA
b) Family
c) Media
d) Peers

Traits that can include having a higher risk for certain diseases are passed down to us from our ancestors through what process?
a) Heredity
b) Family behaviors
c) Media influence
d) Physical environment

Which is not one of the nine life skills?
a) Proving others wrong
b) Assessing your health
c) Using refusal skills
d) Evaluating media messages / analyzing influences

A set of behaviors that you live by is called your _____________________.
a) lifestyle
b) attitude
c) belief system
d) conscience

Which is not an example of preventative healthcare?
a) Going to the doctor when you have had a fever and other flu-like symptoms for more than a few days
b) Brushing and flossing your teeth
c) Eating healthy food, getting exercise, and sleeping 8-10 hours each night
d) Avoiding behavior you know can get you into trouble

Which is not a question you would ask yourself in a personal health assessment?
a) Do I have the best shoes in class?
b) Do I get at least 8 hours of sleep each night?
c) Do I deal well with stress and anxiety?
d) Do I have friends or family that I talk to openly each day?

How are health and wellness are related?
a) Wellness is a balance of all four dimensions of health.
b) Our health is made up of four different wellnesses
c) They aren't related.
d) Health and wellness are exactly the same thing.

The way you act, think, or feel that causes you to make one choice over another is your
a) attitude.
b) lifestyle.
c) environment.
d) heredity.

Opening your mind to new ways of doing things can improve your
a) physical health
b) emotional health
c) mental health
d) social health

The life skill that helps you deal with problems and emotions in an effective way is
a) setting goals.
b) communicating effectively
c) coping.
d) assessing your health

Your environment includes
a) only the living things around you.
b) only the nonliving things around you
c) the living and nonliving things around you
d) the traits that were passed down to you by your parents

Which of the following diseases is NOT affected by heredity?
a) asthma
b) chickenpox
c) allergies
d) cancer

Having good mental health means that you
a) can deal appropriately with sadness
b) can solve problems with little trouble
c) show respect for other people
d) share your true feelings with your friends

The term_____________________ means keeping clean to prevent the spread of disease
a) hygiene
b) refusal skills
c) wellness
d) social health

The term_____________________ means the way you recognize and deal with your feelings
a) emotional health
b) mental health
c) hygiene
d) social health

The term _____________________means having all four dimensions of health in good shape and equally balanced
a) wellness
b) physical health
c) social health
d) refusal skills

An example of good____________________________ is getting 9 hours of sleep every night.
a) physical health
b) mental health
c) emotional health
d) lifestyle

An example of good ______________________ is volunteering to do things for your community
a) physical health
b) mental health
c) social health
d) emotional health

The media can influence us through which of the following ways?
a) All are ways the media can influence us
b) Making things seem more dramatic than they are to scare people into paying attention
c) Making some activities (healthy or unhealthy) seem cool, fun, or otherwise acceptable through movies, shows and music
d) Making opinions and unsupported stories seem like facts

Which is not a way that peers can influence our health?
a) Causing us to have a higher risk for developing schizophrenia
b) Influencing us to choose to avoid fatty foods.
c) Talking us into joining an activity such as band, a club, or a team of some kind.
d) Making fun of us for wearing a helmet because they say it looks dumb.

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