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The last Royal governor of Georgia was placed arrested in 1776 and escaped. He temporarily returned to power in 1778, when the British took control of Savannah. This governor was
a) John Reynolds
b) James Wright
c) Henry Ellis
d) Noble Wimberly Jones

At the end of the French and Indian War, the treaty of Paris set Georgia's western boundary at
a) The Appalachian Mountains
b) The Cumberland Gap
c) The Mississippi River
d) The Ohio River

The Proclamation of 1763 set the western Boundary of Georgia at
a) The Appalachian Mountains
b) The Cumberland Gap
c) The Cumberland River
d) The Ohio River

This colonel led the Georgia militia to victory at Kettle Creek, defeating 800 British troops. His life was later saved by a former slave, Austin Dabney, a soldier who offered the colonel his horse after seeing the colonel's shot out from under him
a) Nathan Bedford Forrest
b) Count Pulaski
c) George Walton
d) Elijah Clarke

The final, decisive battle that decided the Revolutionary War was the Battle of
a) Lexington and Concord
b) Trenton
c) Yorktown
d) Kettle Creek

Which Georgian was declared an 'Enemy of the Crown' for signing the Declaration of Independence?
a) John Hancock
b) Lyman Hall
c) Noble Wimberley Jones
d) Henry Ellis

Which of these Acts of Parliament required that colonists must provide shelter and bedding to British Soldiers?
a) The Townshend Acts
b) The Quartering Act
c) The Tea Act
d) The Stamp Act

Parliament insisted on taxing American colonists in order to pay for
a) A new palace for King George
b) New ships for their navy
c) The expenses from the French and Indian War
d) New uniforms for the British Army

The 1779 Siege of Savannah ...
a) cost Count Pulaski his life
b) was a complete failure for the colonists
c) took place with the aid of French troops
d) all of the above

Another name give to British loyalists living in the colonies was
a) Tories
b) Turncoats
c) Patriots
d) Yankees

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