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What was traded between SC and Barbados?
a) Sugar and Slaves
b) Indigo and Rice
c) Guns and Metal
d) none of these

What is Carolina Gold?
a) Sugar
b) Indigo
c) Rice
d) none of these

Who is Eliza Lucas?
a) An old lady
b) The woman who brought Indigo to the Carolinas
c) Ms. Wolfe's older sister
d) The woman who introduced rice to the Carolinas

What does manumit mean?
a) it's a type of oven mit
b) it means to be freed
c) the state bird
d) none of these

What were some of SC's natural resources?
a) cotton
b) rice
c) indigo
d) all of these

What was the Stono Rebellion?
a) A rebellion of stones.
b) Captain John Stono lead the plantation owners to revolt.
c) The largest slave rebellion, causing the government to create slave codes.
d) none of these

What is Gullah?
a) The culture created when Africans began blending their culture with that of Colonial South Carolina.
b) A made up word
c) Type of cash crop
d) none of these

What was the cause for an increase in the slave population?
a) nothing
b) slave trade and mass production of cash crops
c) Africans were excited for their new life in the Americas
d) The government made it happen.

What is the Triangle of Trade?
a) It's like the Bermuda Triangle but different.
b) Trading between the slaves, Native Americans, and colonies.
c) Trading between the colonies, Barbados, Africa, and the Mother Country.
d) none of these

What was the middle passage?
a) the difficult journey the slaves had to endure from Africa to South Carolina
b) the middle of the triangle of trade
c) trading from the mother country to the colonies
d) none of these

Explain the plantation system.
a) Similar to a hierarchy: the plantation owner was at the top, then the house servants, and finally the enslaved Africans
b) Consisted of growing and cultivating plants on a large farm (plantation).
c) made up of a large home where the owner and his family lived, large farming fields, and living quarters for the slaves
d) all of these

Why did the English begin using Africans for labor instead of indentured servants or Indians?
a) The indentured servants and Indians were too lazy.
b) The indentured servants were not good workers.
c) The Indians did not know how to work the land and could escape easily.
d) none of these

What is Mercantilism?
a) The idea that the Mother Country would control all trade only to make itself more wealthy.
b) Merchants working alot.
c) The trade of cash crops.
d) none of these

What is proprietary government?
a) The same thing as a royal government.
b) government of a colony ruled by 8 proprietors.
c) colonial government ruled by the king
d) none of these

What did the elite of the lowcountry think of the people moving to the backcountry.
a) scottish
b) irish
c) french
d) all of these

Who were the first settlers to move to the backcountry?
a) they were all best friends
b) the lowcountry elite did not care about the people in the back country
c) there was no relationship
d) none of these

What was the regulator movement?
a) Just a movement for regulars.
b) The vigilents of the back country banning together to change the government
c) A slave rebellion
d) none of these

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