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If you post something cruel towards another person, you should
a) Apologize and delete if possible
b) Pretend it never happened
c) Write to the web site to remove it
d) There is nothing you can do about it

What is a hoax Web site?
a) A site with true educational information
b) A government bed site
c) A web site that is trying to trick you
d) A social media site

If you write a repot for class and use a web site, should you credit the source?
a) No, you do not need to credit Web sites.
b) Yes, put the url in your bibliography.
c) No, just write what you learned.
d) No, just put your teacher’s name in the credits.

If you find a picture online, can you put it in your school work?
a) Yes, but you should check the copyright license if you are posting it online.
b) Yes, you can use anything online anytime.
c) No, because online images should ever be used by students.
d) Yes, but only if you put your teacher’s name on it.

Can you tell where a web site is from or who wrote it?
a) No, there is no way to tell who actually wrote a Web page.
b) No, but Google only puts accurate things online.
c) Yes, but only if you write to the Web site and ask about it.
d) Yes, look under ABOUT, check the url, or use “”.

Who is responsible for your digital footprints?
a) I am responsible.
b) My teacher is responsible.
c) My principal is responsible.
d) Google is responsible.

I should give my password out to:
a) Only my best friends.
b) My classmates.
c) Nobody (but myself and a parent if they ask).
d) Anyone who asks.

You can Skype with someone far away if:
a) You have permission from your teacher or parent.
b) You met them online.
c) You know their friends.
d) You have a good Internet connection

Which element is not ones of the 9 elements of digital citizenship?
a) Right to Pass
b) Rights and Responsibilities
c) Health and Wellness
d) Access

What is griefing?
a) Intentionally destroying others virtual goods
b) Being sad about your virtual world
c) Helping others with their virtual world
d) A minecraft term for building

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