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What does edTPA stand for?
a) Educating Teachers Performance Assessment
b) Education Teacher Performance Assessment
c) Education Determined Teacher Performance Assessment
d) Education Decided Teacher Performance Assessment

Which of the following is not associated with Academic Language?
a) Oral Language
b) Students expressing their understanding of concepts
c) Text Language, LOL
d) Written Language

Organizing symbols, words and phrases together into a structure is:
a) Academic Language
b) Community Assets
c) Syntax
d) Language Function

Which of the following is NOT an exampl of Cultural Assets
a) Language
b) Traditions
c) Art
d) Events

Language Function uses
a) Discourse and Syntax
b) Discourse and Academic Language
c) Central Focus and Academic Language
d) Syntax and Central Focus

A description of important understandings and core concepts is an example of what?
a) Discourse
b) Syntax
c) Central Focus
d) Academic Language

What is Discourse?
a) The organization of words into strctures of language
b) A synonym of discussion
c) The structures of language
d) The use of words and structures that focuses on learning tasks

Which of the following is NOT an example of Community Assets
a) Practices
b) Landmarks
c) Resources
d) Language

Which of the following is a language demand that teachers need to consider if they plan to support student learning?
a) Discourse
b) Syntax
c) Language Function
d) All of the above

Which of these is not an example of Language Function?
a) Predicting
b) Justifying
c) Data
d) Interpreting

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