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A construction line is:
a) thick, dark, and heavy.
b) thin and light.
c) dashed, heavy, and thin.

When sketching a line, you should:
a) start with long strokes.
b) start with dark lines.
c) rotate your pencil.
d) use your t-square.

Mr. Moberley's favorite animal is:
a) dog
b) cat
c) chicken
d) giraffe

Mr. Moberley's favorite color is:
a) blue
b) green
c) red
d) purple

student in drafting
a) Lucas
b) Gabe
c) Cody
d) Zee

Mr. Moberley drives a:
a) truck.
b) Porsche.
c) van.
d) ice cream truck.

Rainbows have:
a) multiple colors.
b) one color.
c) happy faces.
d) one ending point.

Carbondale High School is located in:
a) Carbondale, Illinois
b) Marion, Illinois
c) Paducah, KY
d) St. Louis, MO

Currently, the leading team in the central division (MLB) is:
a) the St. Louis Cardinals.
b) the Chicago Cubs.
c) the Los Angeles Dodgers.
d) the New York Yankees.

The sun is:
a) small.
b) purple.
c) short
d) bright.

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