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Which statement describes the most likely effect for a country with a large population and a small amount of arable land?
a) It produces more food than can be used.
b) It struggles to produce enough food to support its population.
c) It exports most of its food to other countries.
d) It pays less for food than countries with more arable land do

Which example best illustrates a way in which land is being used as a resource for the benefit of humans?
a) The Rocky Mountains are home to several endangered species of predatory birds.
b) The waters around Australia are home to the world’s largest coral reefs.
c) Scientists have now created an artificial fuel that will replace the use of coal as a fuel.
d) Land in a hilly valley is flattened to make building and road construction much easier.

Which of the following statements best describes a consequence of deforestation?
a) Deforestation causes soil to lose vegetation, allowing heavy rains to wash away the topsoil
b) Deforestation allows too much oxygen to be released into the atmosphere, making the atmosphere too clean
c) Deforestation causes precipitation, which helps topsoil to maintain its nutrients for further plant growth.
d) Deforestation protects the habitats of many plant species, some of which are used to make important medicines.

What would a poor farmer in a very poor country most likely do to prevent leaching?
a) The farmer would buy expensive fertilizer to keep the soil full of nutrients.
b) The farmer would use expensive chemicals that provide the topsoil with nutrients needed for crops.
c) The farmer would plant the same crop over and over again instead of rotating crops.
d) The farmer would plant cover crops, leave them to die over the winter, and let them serve as natural fertilizers.

The nutrients in topsoil that support plant growth come from __________.
a) pesticides used by farmers
b) minerals trapped inside of rocks
c) materials located below the Earth’s outer crust
d) plant and animal matter that is decaying

The forests of central China are the giant panda’s natural habitat. Lately, the Chinese have deforested this area to make room for growing cities. How might this deforestation affect the giant panda’s survival?
a) It will increase the giant panda’s habitat, making survival much easier.
b) It will benefit plant species that the giant panda eats, making survival easier.
c) It will make room for neighborhoods and shopping centers, making survival easier.
d) It will shrink the giant panda’s habitat, making survival more difficult.

Which of the following examples best illustrates a way in which land is being used as a resource?
a) Crude oil, an important source of energy, is now extracted from beneath the ocean floor.
b) Natural vegetation is cleared to make room for the construction of a new neighborhood.
c) The prairies in South Dakota are home to the largest species of groundhog.
d) New cities are now receiving a ton of financial aid from the government.

Which of the following statements is true?
a) Any type of soil is suitable for growing crops.
b) The world’s arable farmland is unevenly distributed.
c) Every climate is suitable for food production.
d) Every country has the same resources available for growing food.

Imagine that you are a farmer. You own many acres of land, but much of it is not arable because it lacks nutrients that crops need to survive. Which of the following strategies would you use to make your land arable?
a) Plant crops on the land and hope that some survive.
b) Develop a new irrigation system to provide more water for your crops.
c) Use fertilizers to provide your crops with nutrients.
d) Use heavy machinery to get rid of the topsoil and then plant crops.

The loss of topsoil due to rain, ice, and wind is referred to as __________.
a) weathering
b) deforestation
c) clear-cutting
d) forestry

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