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Studies have shown that ____ is the single, most important factor for successful school improvement.
a) a collaborative environment
b) strict accountability
c) strong student management
d) community funding

What should guide the work of a professional learning community?
a) Data analysis
b) Teacher attitudes
c) Administrator beliefs
d) None of the above

Response to Intervention (RtI) is a ____ model that involves all students and teachers.
a) multi-tiered intervention
b) bilingual education
c) limited English proficient
d) None of the above

The urban child:
a) tends to be a minority child living in poverty (Council of the Great City Schools, 2002).
b) experiences achievement gaps
c) has a higher chance of being impacted by second language, special education, and single -parent issues.
d) All of the above

In efforts to apply data, a process must be in place to:
a) understand how to read data
b) transform data into action planning
c) use data to ultimately change instruction
d) All of the above

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs):
a) move from a culture of isolation to a collaborative, reflective culture
b) discuss data and sharing strategies for students’ academic improvement (DuFour, 2002).
c) improve schools
d) All of the above

Some benefits of PLCs for Teachers :
a) commitment to the school mission
b) shared responsibility for student development and success
c) Higher likelihood that they are well informed, professionally renewed, and inspired to inspire students
d) All of the above

Some benefits of PLCs for Students :
a) Greater academic gains and smaller achievement gaps
b) Decreased dropout rate and fewer skipped classes and lower rates of absenteeism
c) Increased learning distributed more equitably in smaller high schools
d) All of the above

The promising goal of Right to Intervention (RTI) encompasses and ensures:
a) that quality instruction and remedial opportunities are available
b) good teaching practices
c) differentiated instruction
d) All of the above

Sheltered Instruction is an approach that emphasizes:
a) the development of grade-level academic competencies.
b) giving students more time to process.
c) making the connection between known and unknown and helping students organize new knowledge within a cognitive structure.
d) None of the above

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