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According to LeBoskey (1994) some critical features of student portfolios:
a) must allow for, promote, and reveal student meaning making
b) must provide an opportunity for interaction between the student and the teacher
c) the developmental process must occur over an extended length of time
d) all of the above

Data from rubrics can be used to:
a) reveal strengths and challenges in student learning
b) make sound decisions related to curriculum and instruction
c) influence decisions about necessary learning resources and professional development for teachers
d) all of the above

Some of the advantages of journal writing as a form of assessment for diverse learners are:
a) an aid to memory
b) a basis for creating new perspectives
c) psychological/emotional advantages
d) all of the above

Alternative assessments – rubrics, portfolios, and journaling – encourage authentic student learning because:
a) students are provided with an opportunity to apply critical thinking skills
b) students are provided with an opportunity to increase depth of knowledge
c) students are provided with an opportunity to make connections to their daily lives
d) all of the above

Sound and well-constructed rubrics can:
a) create equity for diverse learners
b) allow for multiple voices to be involved in the learning process
c) allow for varied performance behaviors; every student can excel in various area
d) all of the above

Forms of assessment include:
a) checklists
b) portfolios
c) peer conferences
d) all of the above

Rubrics communicate to students:
a) standards of excellence.
b) learning objectives.
c) learning objectives.
d) None of the above

Real World applications are:
a) portfolios
b) journals
c) used to promote student learning
d) all of the above

According to Petre (2014), the alternative assessment method, portfolios:
a) allowed students to establish their own goals
b) impacted their approach to learning
c) delivered high-quality information to students about their learning
d) all of the above

Tashlik (2010) demonstrated that a performance-based assessment system:
a) produced graduates that succeeded in college.
b) was difficult to justify, given the success of traditional assessment systems.
c) could easily be incorporated into most existing assessment systems.
d) none of the above

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