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When Steven asks questions in an open-minded way, he avoids:
a) stating his own opinion.
b) attacking someone else's idea.
c) suggesting a better way to do something.
d) mentioning the truth.

To be able to explain and defend their ideas objectively to others, individuals usually need to have which type of effective skills?
a) computer
b) technical
c) verbal
d) reading

Individuals who are able to defend their ideas objectively provide others with:
a) personal opinions.
b) emotional information.
c) logical evidence.
d) unrelated statistics.

In order to be understood on the telephone, a business's employees should always:
a) speak from notes.
b) use technical terminology.
c) enunciate clearly.
d) speak rapidly.

What type of communication style is usually appropriate for evaluation or counseling interviews with employees?
a) Casual
b) Formal
c) Routine
d) Technical

My daughter, Susan Smith, is staying at your hotel, and I need to reach her immediately because of a family emergency. Would you please give me her room number? Dawn answered, Ms. Smith is in room 224.I will connect you. What did Dawn do wrong?
a) She forgot to listen attentively to the caller.
b) She did not take written notes about the call.
c) She gave out a guest's room number.
d) She did not answer the caller with enough courtesy.

Which is not a tool that people use when participating in discussions?
a) Pointing out missing information
b) Sharing a personal experience
c) Building on someone else's comment
d) Helping the group summarize what has been said

Joe is a Controller when it comes to communication style. If you are communicating with Joe, you should make sure you:
a) get to the point.
b) ask about his family.
c) present facts and data.
d) slow down, take your time.

Joe's works at ABC Electric. His boss needs to run an errand and has asked Joe to answer the phone and take any messages while he is gone. The phone rings and Joe answers it. What should Joe say?
a) Hello, ABC Electric. This is Joe. How may I help you?
b) Hello.
c) Yeah?
d) Hi, my boss isn't here can I take a message?

All calls coming into a business should end as pleasantly as possible in order to:
a) provide callers with accurate information.
b) make the best use of an employee's time.
c) help an employee get a good review.
d) leave a good last impression with callers.

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