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What did God create?
a) Everything
b) Nothing
c) Something
d) Not sure

What is the earth full of?
a) metal
b) gold
c) creatures
d) scientists

What is science?
a) The study of people
b) The study of the wonders of the universe
c) The study of animals
d) The study of skittles

What is a scientist?
a) Someone who spends time learning about the things God has made
b) Someone who spends time doing experiments
c) Someone that is a doctor
d) Someone that made an invention

What are the parts of a scientist?
a) Eyes, nose, hands and shoulders
b) Ears, eyes, feet, tools and curious mind
c) Hands, feet, tools, nose and eyes
d) Eyes, feet, hands, tools and curious mind

What are the parts of the scientific method?
a) Question, Think, Plan, Test, Collect Data, Conclude
b) Question, Research, Plan, Test, Experiment
c) Question, Research, Plan, Test, Collect Data, Conclude
d) Research, Plan, Write, Read, Listen, Learn

What do scientist do?
a) Ask questions and use five senses
b) Watch TV and eat chocolate
c) Knows all the answers
d) Experiments

What are some tools a scientist uses?
a) Microscope and magnifying glass
b) Fork and spoon
c) Shovel and spade
d) Markers and crayons

What are some of the materials used in the Skittle Experiment?
a) Water, cups, balloons, spoons, skittles
b) Skittles, cups, stop watch, spoons, pan
c) Cups, water, skittles, crayons, pan
d) Skittles, water, cups, spoons, stop watch

Are you a scientist?
a) Yes
b) No

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