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Why did the Europeans decide to explore the world by sea?
a) Europeans wanted to find a quick route to the west indies including the Caribbean, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.
b) Europeans wanted to defeat the Muslim Turks.
c) Europeans wanted to find a short cut to Asia to trade silk and spices.
d) Europeans wanted to find cotton and cinnamon from China.

Which statement most accurately describes how New France used new goods found in North America?
a) They traded furs with native americans in exchange for metal
b) They relied on the use of African slaves to farm and build forts
c) They created gold mines and planting sugar cane to sell in Europe
d) They forced Native Americans to work on plantations and farms

Which best describes the search for resources in North America as new colonies were getting started?
a) The colony of Roanoke was successful in finding gold and silver
b) The colony of Jamestown began by focusing finding gold and silver
c) The colony of Roanoke attacked and enslaved the Native Americans
d) The colony of Jamestown wanted to setup large farms to grow crops

Which best describes the Spanish colony of New Spain?
a) The Spanish faced religious persecution back in Spain
b) The Spanish welcomed all religions to settle in New Spain
c) The Spanish were highly motivated to force Aztecs to become Christians
d) It was based on trading fur to the native American Aztecs

Which of the following was a reason that Indentured servants were expensive?
a) They had to be paid a living wage each year of the 4-7 year contract
b) They were given up to 500 acres of land so they could become a farmer
c) They were not given any clothes
d) They were given a full set of tools to use after their term was finished

Which of the following was true about the middle passage ?
a) It involved slaves taking a boat ride from Africa to China
b) It involved bad food and dirty conditions
c) Slaves rarely died from diseases
d) Slaves would be unchained daily to move around and get sunlight

Africans contributed which of the following things in the Northern Colonies .
a) worked on large rice and cotton plantations
b) worked skilled jobs such as being a carpenter and lawyer
c) were not allowed to start new businesses
d) became governors, judges, and senators

In what way did the white settlers justify owning slaves?
a) They had cultural bias because Africans were mostly Christian.
b) They held many stereotypes of Africans and believed that Africans were not intelligent.
c) They demanded that all Africans be immediately removed to South America.
d) They respected Africans for their diversity of language and culture.

What consequences did slavery have on Africans?
a) Up to one hundred thousand Africans were forced to the Americas as slaves.
b) Slaves were guaranteed enough food to live.
c) African families were separated from one another and sent to live at different plantations.
d) Strict slave code laws beat owners who abused slaves.

African contributions in music and folklore include which of the following?
a) focus on the individual freedom and independence to make decisions on their own
b) strong belief in an independence and separation from families
c) sharing African moral stories with children
d) important focus on making money

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