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A hypothesis must be testable. Which one is testable?
a) Blue is the best color.
b) Summer is nicer than fall.
c) Dogs are better than cats.
d) A dog can jump higher than a cat.

A teacher writes the following note on a student's experimental design: You did not identify and control variables. Why is it important to identify and control variables?
a) because a scientist must observe data
b) because a scientist must form a hypothesis
c) because a scientist must know which variable causes change
d) because a scientist must know which variable to use for making a model

Scientists include controls in their experiments. Why is a control important?
a) It helps scientists share results.
b) It helps scientists form their first hypothesis.
c) It helps scientists record their repeated observations.
d) It helps scientists compare their results to a standard.

Models allow scientists to test things that might be too expensive or difficult to test using the real item. Which of the following would be an investigation that uses a model?
a) Does a new spray repel bugs?
b) How many times a day does a bird leave her nest?
c) How much water a cubic meter of sand can hold...
d) How much weight a new bridge can support...

Which of the following is always an important part of an experiment?
a) making a working model
b) observing things in nature
c) making drawings of things observed
d) identifying and controlling variables

Angie conducts an experiment. Her results do not support her hypothesis. What should she do?
a) Repeat the experiment to check for errors.
b) Change the results to support hypothesis.
c) Discard the data because it does not agree with her hypothesis.
d) Try to make an experiment that will give her the results she wants.

A scientific method is a way to investigate a scientific problem. Although the order of steps may vary, the tasks performed during each step often stays the same. During which step of the scientific method would a scientist collect data?
a) developing a plan
b) forming a hypothesis
c) testing the hypothesis
d) communicating the results

All matter is made of atoms. atoms are too small to be seen with human eyes alone. Which model would be useful for studying the structure of atoms?
a) a model
b) a survey
c) a repeated observation with the naked eye
d) an experiment that tests which elements make up water

An investigation and experiment are exactly the same thing. True or false?
a) True
b) False

All scientists perform experiments indoors inside of labs.
a) True
b) False

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