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A thirty mile area around the Chernobyl power station became known as the _________?
a) Exclusion Zone
b) Dead Zone
c) Pripyat
d) Smokeless Zones

What disease increased after the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster?
a) Cancer
b) Heart Disease
c) Stroke
d) Alzheimer

Which is NOT a cause of acid rain?
a) car emissions
b) factories
c) Buses
d) sunlight

After the Smog of 1952 what were areas were created by the government where only cleaner fuels can be used?
a) Smokeless Zones
b) Clean Zones
c) Coal Free Zones
d) Game of Zones

What type of precipitation occurs when fuels are burnt and released into the air and mix with the water in the clouds?
a) Smog
b) Acid Rain
c) Deforestation
d) Oil pollution

Germany has lost about half of what ancient forest?
a) Black forest
b) Dark forest
c) little forest
d) Blue forest

What event caused thousands to die due to air pollution in the United Kingdom (London)?
a) Big Smog of 1952
b) Great Smog of 1952
c) Last Smog of 1952
d) The Fog

What natural resource of the United Kingdom is burned and creates smog?
a) oil
b) natural gas
c) coal
d) timber

What is air pollution caused by sunlight acting on the gases from automobiles and factory exhausts?
a) Smog
b) Acid Rain
c) Fog
d) Radiation

The Chernobyl Nuclear disaster put what harmful material into the air?
a) Radiation
b) Oxygen
c) Carbon dioxide
d) Sulpher

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