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la chica es muy bonita
a) the boy is annoying
b) the boy is mean
c) the girl is pretty
d) the girl is ugly

feo, -a
a) ugly
b) fat
c) small
d) yellow

¿qué significa grande?
a) big
b) little
c) skinny
d) fat

su tarea es muy...
a) mal
b) bueno
c) estupido
d) importante

mismo, -a
a) in my opinion
b) better than
c) same
d) own

su gato es muy pequeño
a) your dog is very mean
b) your cat is very small
c) your cat is very ugly
d) your dog is very smart

propio, -a
a) own
b) wall
c) painting
d) video

la computadora a la derecha de su pupitre
a) the computer is to the LEFT of the pencil
b) the computer is to the RIGHT of your notebook
c) the laptop is to the LEFT of the teacher desk
d) the computer is to the RIGHT of the desk

mejor, es que
a) better than
b) worst than
c) thing
d) younger

el/la mejor
a) the nicest
b) the worst
c) the best
d) the prettiest

menos... que
a) more... than
b) less, fewer... than
c) extra
d) posession

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