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What is Mrs. Greene's name?
a) Mrs. Kirkland
b) Treyvon
c) Mrs. Butler
d) Mrs. Greene

Which body part did Mrs. Kirkland just have surgery on?
a) Arm
b) Foot
c) Mouth
d) Thumb

Who pays Mrs. Butler's car payment?
a) Mrs. Greene
b) Trevor
c) Mrs. Butler
d) Mr. Hodges

What are Mrs. Green's children's names?
a) Curly and Larry
b) Jessie and Woody
c) Bob and Larry
d) Bo and Case

What is Mrs. Greene's room number?
a) 1738
b) 187
c) 224
d) 6

Who is the Writing Lab Teacher?
a) Kimberly Long
b) Carly Maddox
c) Fetty Wap
d) Ron Lewis

Whose classroom is known as cell block 415?
a) Mrs. Gouck
b) Mrs. Maddox
c) Coach Lewis
d) Mrs. Finnegan

What color are Mrs. Greene's curtains?
a) pink
b) brown
c) yellow
d) black

Who is the principal?
a) Ruby Boone
b) Jeff Hodges
c) Miriam Crosby
d) Julian Gray

What time does school start?
a) 12:00 pm
b) 8:15 am
c) 4:30 pm
d) 1:30 am

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