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I may not be able to read body language and I prefer hearing a book read to me
a) Auditory Learner
b) Visual
c) Hands On Learner
d) Non-Auditory

I need frequent breaks and I need to be involved in some type of body movement
a) Visual
b) Hands Off Learner
c) Auditory
d) Hands On Learner

I have trouble following lectures and am easily distracted by sound
a) Auditory
b) Visual Learner
c) Hands On
d) This is a trick question

I have a strong sense of color and artistic avilitu
a) Hands on learner
b) Visual Learner
c) Auditory
d) This is a trick question

I need to make a model of the science lesson to better master the concepts
a) Visual
b) Hands on Learner
c) Auditory
d) IDK

I need to sit in front of the class to hear the teacher better
a) Visual
b) Hands On
c) Auditory Learner
d) Osmosis

Are teachers required to teach tou your specific learning stlye?
a) Yes if it including in my IEP
b) No
c) Yes.
d) I don't know

Why is it important to know your learning style?
a) So I can tell all my regular ed teachers
b) So my parents will know how to disipline me
c) So I will have a better understanding of how I learn
d) So I can have meaningful conversation with my friends

Name the three learning styles
a) Visual, Auditory, and Hands On
b) Fast, Slow, and Medium
c) Visual, Optical, and Seeing
d) Auditory, Hearing, and Listening

Define Learning Styles
a) learning styles, is the way individuals prefer to learn
b) learning stlye is the only way you can learn
c) learning style is apart of learning strategies that all high school students must enroll in at some point
d) An elective class taught at OHS

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