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Which country is located in the Caribbean?
a) Spain
b) Italy
c) Cuba
d) France

Which feature is located in Canada?
a) Ayers Rock
b) Sierra Madre
c) English Channel
d) Rocky Mountains

The largest country in South America is?
a) France
b) Canada
c) Brazil
d) Venezuela

What is geography?
a) the study of space and animals
b) the study of human and nonhuman features on Earth
c) the study of land and oceans
d) the study of religion

The largest living organism in the world is ______.
a) The Great Barrier Reef
b) Amazon Rainforest
c) Ayers Rock
d) Danube River

The monolith located in Australia is called ___________________ (or Uluru)
a) Canadian Shield
b) Ayers Rock
c) Amazon River
d) European Plain

Norway and Sweden are two countries that comprise the _________.
a) European Plains
b) Alps
c) Iberian Peninsula
d) Scandinavian Peninsula

The _________ is the world's largest non-polar desert found in South America.
a) Atacama
b) Sahara
c) Mojave
d) Gobi

Which of the following is a feature located in Latin America?
a) Rhine River
b) Danube River
c) St Lawrence River
d) Amazon River

The __________ flows from the Black Forest of Germany to the Black Sea.
a) Danube
b) Rhine
c) Amazon
d) Volga

What is a peninsula?
a) land surrounded by water on three sides
b) land surrounded by water on all sides
c) land located along the bottom of a mountain
d) desert land

What two countries comprise the Scandinavian peninsula?
a) Belgium and Germany
b) Poland and Ukraine
c) Norway and Sweden
d) Spain and Portugal

What is absolute location?
a) the exact location of a place, using or considering coordinates
b) the same as relative location
c) a place that is never identified
d) a location that gives the nearness of a place

The mountain range that separates the Iberian peninsula from the rest of Europe is the
a) Alps
b) Pyrenees
c) Urals
d) Appalachian

The mountain range that is located in Russia and creates a border between Europe and Asia is the
a) Himalaya
b) Appalachian
c) Urals
d) Alps

What is geography?
a) the study of rocks
b) the study of stars and planets
c) the study of plants
d) the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments

The ______________________ plains include rich farmland.
a) Alps
b) Urals
c) Pyrenees
d) European Plains

The Amazon of Europe is the ______.
a) Danube
b) Rhine
c) European Plain
d) Alps

The Iberian Peninsula includes the area of ___________.
a) Italy and Germany
b) Germany and Poland
c) Portugal and Spain
d) Spain and France

Deforestation is ____.
a) land becoming desert
b) removal of pollution
c) destroying land or forest
d) land surrounded by three sides

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