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Ignorant means:
a) Driving slowly
b) Lacking knowledge or awareness
c) Eating too fast
d) Hurting someone

To ENVY is to:
a) Get fat quickly
b) Need a job
c) Want something that belongs to someone else
d) Wash your cat

ADRIFT means:
a) Stuck in the mountains
b) Extremely cold
c) Without guidance, purpose, or support
d) Throwing up

a) Having a desire to do harm
b) Having a desire to be understood
c) Making a cake
d) Tasting amazing

What does STRIFE mean?
a) A pattern of lines
b) Angry disagreement
c) A hot beverage (drink)
d) Walking quietly

The definition of TOIL is:
a) Animal droppings
b) A fluffy type of fabric
c) Hard work
d) A dessert

To RETORT is to:
a) Eat a huge meal
b) Write a letter
c) Drive quickly
d) Answer back sharply

What does DISMAY mean?
a) To cause someone distress
b) To make someone laugh
c) To help someone
d) To eat

Which word means the same as QUENCH?
a) Hurt
b) Extinguish
c) Encourage
d) Laugh

Haste means:
a) A dish involving turtles
b) To speed or hurry
c) Counting
d) A rug

To INQUIRE is to:
a) Call your mother
b) Wear a hat
c) Ask for information
d) Knit a sweater

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