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words used to describe what is observed
a) qualitative data
b) quantitative data
c) prediction
d) inference

factor that you want to test; is changed by the investigator to observe how it affects a dependent variable
a) independent variable
b) dependent variable
c) control group
d) constant

factor you observe or measure during an experiment (outcome)
a) dependent variable
b) independent variable
c) constant
d) control group

contains the same factors as the experimental group, but the independent variable is not change
a) control group
b) constant
c) independent variable
d) dependent variable

factor in an experiment that stays the same
a) constant
b) control group
c) independent variable
d) dependent variable

explanation of observations or events that is based on knowledge gained from many observations and investigations
a) scientific theory
b) scientific law
c) prediction
d) inference

rule that describes a repeatable pattern in nature
a) scientific law
b) scientific theory
c) prediction
d) hypothesis

using one or more of your senses to gather information and taking note of what occurs
a) observation
b) inference
c) hypothesis
d) prediction

logical explanation of an observation that is drawn from prior knowledge or experience
a) inference
b) hypothesis
c) prediction
d) scientific theory

possible explanation for an observation that can be tested by scientific investigations
a) hypothesis
b) observation
c) inference
d) prediction

numbers used to describe what is observed
a) quantitative data
b) qualitative data
c) algorithms
d) prediction

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