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What part of the tree is underground and collects water.
a) Branches
b) Roots
c) Leaves
d) Trunk

Which part of the tree makes food from sunlight?
a) Leaves
b) Branches
c) Trunk
d) Roots

What is the process of turning sunlight into food for the tree?
a) Photography
b) Psychology
c) Photosynthesis
d) Leafology

In what season would you expect to see no leaves on the tree?
a) Summer
b) Fall
c) Winter
d) Spring

What is the name for a leaf that is just starting to grow?
a) Bud
b) Baby
c) Leafling
d) Leaflet

What season is also known as Autumn?
a) Summer
b) Fall
c) Winter
d) Spring

What gas do trees give off that humans need?
a) Unleaded
b) Oxygen
c) Helium
d) Farts

What is the rought coated on the trunk of the tree called?
a) Rough
b) Skin
c) Leaves
d) Bark

In what season do the leaves bud?
a) Summer
b) Fall
c) Winter
d) Spring

Who is the best teacher?
a) Mr. Ryan
b) Darth Vader
c) Optimus Prime
d) Wicked Witch

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