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Our physical trait:
a) is the locus.
b) is the genotype.
c) is the phenotype.
d) is homozygous.

Gene with alternate forms is:
a) an allele.
b) a locus.
c) a Punnett’s square.
d) always dominant.

In the use of a Punnett square for genetic results of crossing individuals,
a) all different kinds of sperm are lined up either horizontally or vertically.
b) all different kinds of eggs are lined up either horizontally or vertically
c) the results show the offspring's expected genotypes.
d) All of the choices are correct.

If the sequence of bases in the coding strand of a DNA is TAGC, then the sequence of bases in the mRNA will be:

This enzyme unwinds the DNA.
a) Helicase
b) Promoter
c) DNA polymerase
d) Intron

Each duplicated DNA molecule consists of one old strand and one new strand.
a) True
b) False

DNA is duplicated:
a) from 5’ to 3’.
b) from 3’ to 5’.
c) in any direction.
d) from translation to transcription.

DNA molecule is made up of how many strands?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 0

What are the basic pairing rules for DNA?
a) A-G, T-C
b) A-C, T-G
c) A-U, C-G
d) A-T, G-C

How many nucleotides make up a codon?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Three-base sequence in a tRNA molecule base that pairs with a complementary codon in mRNA is a(n)
a) initiation
b) start codon
c) codon
d) anticodon

One of translation's goal is to make a(n):
a) Codons.
b) Purines.
c) mRNA
d) Protein

These are the building blocks of protein.
a) Translations
b) Sugars
c) Amino Acids
d) Nucleotides

Translation takes place in the:
a) codon.
b) cytoplasm.
c) nucleus.
d) mitochondria.

When the ______ and ______ match up, the amino acid is released to form a polypeptide chain
a) translation, a mutation
b) codon, an anticodon
d) pyramidines, purines

RNA does not have ___________ , but has ___________.
a) thymine (T), uracil (U)
b) thymine (T), codon
c) nucleus, double-helix
d) uracil (U), thymine (T)

Which of the following crosses would always result in offspring that only display the dominant phenotype?
a) TT x tt
b) TT x TT
c) Tt x Tt
d) both TT x tt and TT x TT

A classic example of codominance is:
a) colorblindness.
b) height in garden peas.
c) ABO blood groups in humans.
d) pink flowers in heterozygous flowers.

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