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Which cultures fought with the Zulus in the 19th century over the control of land in South Africa?
a) German and French
b) Indian and Belgian
c) British and Boer
d) Ethiopian and Italian

Which of these developments in Africa was a cause of the other three?
a) Rival tribal groups fought wars
b) The Berlin Conference of 1884 influenced colonial boundaries
c) Traditional territories and culture groups were permanently fragmented.
d) African economies became dependent on the sale of cash crops and raw materials

Which policy is most directly associated with the terms spheres of influence, extraterritoriality, and protectorate?
a) collectivization
b) containment
c) isolation
d) imperialism

A key objective of a mercantilist policy was to
a) promote warfare throughout Europe
b) establish colonies for trade benefits
c) develop assembly lines in factories
d) support the spread of communist ideas

Japan's policy of expansion in the early 20th century was motivated by
a) a lack of natural resources
b) a plan to end unequal treaties
c) the need to increase cultural diffusion
d) the desire to spread communism

Which action did Japan take during the Meiji Restoration?
a) established a social system to benefit the samurai
b) sent experts to learn from modern Western nations
c) allowed communist ideas to dominate its government
d) started an ambitious program to expel foreign manufacturers

A similiarity between the Sepoy Rebellion in India and the Boxer Rebellion in China is that both were
a) attempts to remove foreign influence
b) movements to establish communist governments
c) efforts to restore trade monopolies
d) struggles to westernize cultures

One reason the Suez Canal has been of strategic importance to countries other than Egypt was that the canal
a) allowed faster movement between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean
b) enabled Europeans to explore the Western Hemisphere
c) made it easier for Russia to gain control of Afghanistan
d) provided the Austro-Hungarian Empire with access to its colonies in South Asia

The primary reason the Mongols and the British were able to expand their empires through conquest was because of
a) a knowledge and command of advanced technologies
b) a rejection of democratic policies and practices
c) the development of religious and cultural reforms
d) an extended period of peaceful trade and commerce

The establishment of parliamentary democracy in India and the establishment of Portuguese as the official language of Brazil indicates that European colonizers
a) influenced the culture of regions under their control
b) respected the governments of the indigenous peoples
c) promoted Protestant religions over native religions
d) studied local traditions before implementing policies

Simon Bolivar, Toussant Louverture, and Jose de San Martin are all associated with revolutions in
a) Africa
b) Europe
c) South Asia
d) Latin America

To which period does the slogan The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire refer?
a) Middle Ages
b) Protestant Reformation
c) Age of Imperialism
d) Glorious Revolution

The result of the Opium War in China was similar to the result of Commodore Perry's expedition to Japan in that both events
a) increased Western trade and influence in Asia
b) established European colonies in China and Japan
c) promoted democratic governments in Asia
d) increased the economic isolation of China and Japan

Which statement would Social Darwinists most likely support?
a) Universal suffrage is a basic human right
b) Political equality strengthens the effectiveness of government
c) Stronger groups have the right to rule and control weaker groups
d) Public education should be guaranteed to all members of a society

What was one effect of the Russo-Japanese War?
a) Japan emerged as a major world power
b) Korea gained its independence
c) Czar Nicholas II gained power in Russia
d) Russia formed a military alliance with Japan

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