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arcu dedicato
a) with the arch having been dedicated
b) with the arches dedicated
c) with the arch having dedicated
d) with the arch dedicating

pecunia amissa
a) with the money losing
b) with the money having been lost
c) with the money having lost
d) with the lost money

custodibus dormientibus
a) with the guard sleeping
b) with the guards having slept
c) with the guards sleeping
d) with the guards having been slept

pompa procedente
a) with the parade having been proceeded
b) with the proceeding parades
c) with the parades having proceeded
d) with the parade proceeding

consule locuto
a) with the consul having spoken
b) with the speaking consul
c) with the spoken consul
d) with consul speaking

nuntiis regressis
a) with the messenger returning
b) with the messengers having returned
c) with the messenger having returned
d) with the returning messengers

hac sententia dicta
a) with the opinion having been said
b) with this opinion having been said
c) with the opinions having been said
d) with these opinions having been said

mercatore a Britannia profecto
a) with the merchant having set out from Britain
b) with the merchants having been set out from Britain
c) with the merchant setting out from Britain
d) with the British merchant having set out

duce interfecto
a) with the leader killing
b) with the leaders having been killed
c) with the leader having killed
d) with the leader having been killed

omnibus tacentibus
a) with everyone having been quiet
b) with everyone having quiet
c) with everyone being quiet
d) with all silent

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