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This part of speech is always a person, place or thing.
a) noun
b) verb
c) period
d) adjective

The noun is
a) running
b) is
c) store
d) lonely

This part of speech always describes a noun.
a) noun
b) verb
c) preposition
d) adjective

Which word is an adjective?
a) anger
b) bumpy
c) painting
d) inside

This part of speech is an action word. It is what is happening.
a) noun
b) adjective
c) verb
d) adverb

Which word is the verb?
a) the
b) apple
c) eating
d) small

This part of speech gives direction it is a positional word?
a) adjective
b) question mark
c) preposition
d) article

Which word is the preposition?
a) walk
b) struggle
c) green
d) under

The part of speech that modifys a verb is called?
a) noun
b) verb
c) preposition
d) adverb

Find the word that is an adverb.
a) sock
b) tree
c) purple
d) gladly

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