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Why did Simon Fraser go on his exploration?
a) To find a good fishing spot
b) To find a nice place to sail
c) To find a way to travel to the ocean
d) To find a way to move furs to the ocean

Why did 5 voyageurs need resuing?
a) The water went too fast
b) A bear came after them
c) They got stung by lots of bees
d) Their canoe hit a rock in the water

Why did the men have to portage, or carry their canoes for some of the time?
a) There were big sharks in the water.
b) There were big boats in the way.
c) The river was too dagerous to travel.
d) Their canoes had holes in them.

How did Fraser keep the First Nations people from attacking him and his men?
a) He showed them how strong he was.
b) He made friends with them.
c) He gave them gold and other nice things.
d) He showed them that he would shoot them.

What kind of animals were on Simon Fraser's family's farm?
a) Oxen, horses and sheep
b) Cows, horses and sheep
c) Donkeys, goats and sheep
d) Horses, pigs and sheep

What did Fraser's neighbours do after the war was over?
a) They helped the Fraser's rebuild their house.
b) They plowed the fields for them.
c) They helped fix the roof.
d) They stole the Frasers' animals.

What happened to Simon's father during the war?
a) He got shot and died.
b) He faught so well that he received a medal.
c) He was taken prisoner by the enemy.
d) He won the war.

What did Fraser do after the war?
a) He joined the army just like his father.
b) He worked on the family farm.
c) He went to go live with his uncle.
d) He went sailing to find the northwest passage.

What did Fraser's mother decide to do after the war?
a) Go visit her husband in the army.
b) Move to Canada.
c) Clean up the house.
d) Go shopping for new furniture.

Why was there a war?
a) The people wanted to pay less taxes.
b) The people wanted to go to the church of their choice, not the choice of the government.
c) The people wanted to be free from the king of England.
d) The people thought that the governement should give them more land.

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