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How much should you have in an emergency fund as an adult?
a) 3-6 months of expenses
b) $3,000-6,000
c) $500

Oil change is a(n)
a) Variable expense
b) Intermittent expense
c) Discretionary expense
d) Impulse expense

Groceries are a(n)
a) fixed expense
b) impulse expense
c) variable expense
d) discretionary expense

rent is a(n)
a) variable expense
b) fixed expense
c) intermittent expense
d) Impulse expense

Candy at the checkout is a(n)
a) impulse expense
b) discretionary expense
c) fixed expense
d) variable expense

Eating out is a(n)
a) variable expense
b) fixed expense
c) discretionary expense
d) fixed expense

a high school emergency fund should be
a) $3,000-$6,000
b) 3-6 months of expenses
c) $500

debt is
a) anything you owe
b) a note detailing an expense
c) a loan

recession is
a) an economic downturn

What’s another word for ledger?
a) a cliff
b) a checkbook
c) a bank account

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