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It is illegal to park
a) near a fire hydrant
b) in an angle spot
c) two blocks from a bus stop
d) in a perpendicular spot

Giving meaning to driving is aided by
a) age
b) weather
c) experience behind wheel
d) speed

Movement your body responds to from changes in balance of vehicle
a) gravity
b) yaw
c) balance
d) strut

When it begins to rain
a) speed up
b) slow down
c) leave your lights off
d) don't drive

When parking downhill , you should
a) turn your wheels towards curb
b) leave wheels straight
c) turn your wheels away from curb
d) not use your parking brake

Time needed to make a turn
a) 2 to 6 seconds
b) 8-11 secs
c) 16- 20 secs
d) 30 secs

1st you should do when passing a car
a) check the path
b) turn on your signal
c) hit the gas
d) honk horn

Regulatory Signs help
a) make cops jobs easier
b) make drive fun
c) explain the rules of road
d) control movement of traffic

A flashing yellow traffic signal is the same as
a) stop sign
b) yield sign
c) green light
d) one way

One way to avoid aggressive drivers
a) tailgate
b) be courteous
c) make gestures
d) drive fast

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