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How long is the Amazon River?
a) Over 4,000 miles
b) 4 miles
c) 400 miles
d) 40 miles

What was different about the fish in the river?
a) They were colorful.
b) They had 2 heads.
c) They didn't have a mouth.
d) They had teeth.

What were the fish called?
a) perch
b) piranhas
c) trout
d) catfish

What did Jack grab to pull them to shore?
a) A stick
b) A vine
c) A tree
d) A paddle

When he reached for the other vine, what did he grab instead?
a) a rope
b) a vine
c) a snake
d) a fish

What did they actually see when they thought they saw a tree branch?
a) a boat
b) a fish
c) A crocodile
d) an alligator

What was in the trees make a screeching sound?
a) a monkey
b) a dog
c) a fish
d) a crocodile

What was the monkey throwing at the canoe?
a) rocks
b) sticks
c) fruit
d) dirt

Why did they need to get out of the river and back to shore?
a) A storm was coming.
b) It was overflowing.
c) They needed to eat.
d) There were sharks.

What did the monkey hand them to try and help them?
a) a vine
b) a rope
c) a stick
d) a piece of fruit

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