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What is arguably Alberta's largest area of environmental concern?
a) forestry
b) oil sands
c) ranching
d) farming

Which of the following is NOT a way government decisions on environmental issues can impact quality of life?
a) can exploit the environment and resources
b) loss of habitats
c) increased pollution
d) allowing businesses to bid on projects

What is the name for when goods and services are sold illegally?
a) tax evasion
b) black market
c) boom or bust cycle
d) recession

If there are higher taxes, what should happen?
a) less social programs
b) more social programs
c) more citizens responsible for their own well-being
d) increase in the GST

Which party is the furthest RIGHT on the political spectrum?
a) Conservatives Party of Canada
b) Liberal Party of Canada
c) Democratic Party of the United States
d) Republican Party of the United States

Which of the following is NOT a main political party in Canada?
a) Conservatives
b) Bloc Quebecois
c) New Democratic Party
d) Republicans

Which political party is currently in power in Canada?
a) Conservatives
b) Liberals
c) NDP
d) Green Party

Which is NOT a characteristic of a RIGHT WING political party?
a) privately and publicly owned businesses
b) less spending on social programs
c) lower taxes
d) incentives for big business

Which is NOT a characteristic of a LEFT WING political party?
a) more government involvement
b) higher taxes
c) primarily private ownership
d) government spending on social programs

When is the Social Studies PAT this month?
a) Monday, June 20
b) Wednesday, June 22
c) Thursday, June 23
d) Friday, June 24

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