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Which is NOT an indicator of quality of life?
a) extent to which basic needs are being met
b) amount of money a person makes
c) social and emotional well-being
d) degree a person can access services like education and health care

What is a reason for more eco-friendly products available now?
a) cool packaging
b) cheaper prices
c) consumers want it
d) more variety in selection

Which of the following can impact consumerism the most?
a) marketing
b) government approval
c) unethical business practices
d) underground economy

Which is a way consumerism can NEGATIVELY affect quality of life?
a) more selection of products
b) better prices
c) higher quality products
d) increased use of landfills

Which is a way consumerism is POSITIVELY affects quality of life?
a) lower quality products
b) cooking food can be faster
c) more non-biodegradable products
d) increased use of local landfills

Which North American countries are connected through trade agreements?
a) only Canada and the United States
b) only Canada and Mexico
c) Canada, United States and Mexico
d) only United States and Mexico

Which North American country tends to have weathier citizens?
a) Canada
b) Mexico
c) United States
d) They are all about the same.

What is the principle value in the United States?
a) individualism
b) cooperation
c) help your neighbour
d) Donald Trump for President (just kidding)

Which is the principle value in Canada?
a) individualism
b) cooperation
c) to each their own
d) Boy, Justin Trudeau has great hair.

Which is NOT a characteristic of Canada's health care system?
a) accessible
b) family friendly
c) universal
d) publicly funded

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