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Which celestial body has the greatest influence on ocean tides?
a) sun
b) moon
c) stars
d) galaxies

The tides at any one locality will result from the interaction of:
a) rotation of the earth
b) the elliptical orbit of the sun and the Earth
c) the sun, moon, and Earth.
d) all of the above

Which of the following statements best characterizes neap tides?
a) Neap tides occur when the moon, Earth and sun form a right angle.
b) Neap tides occur at the new and full moons every month.
c) Neap tides correspond with the timing of spring tides.
d) Neap tides represent extreme tidal ranges.

A spring tide is when
a) the earth spins on an axis
b) when the sun, earth, and moon are lined up
c) when the sun, earth and moon make a right angle
d) the imaginary line that passes through the Earth's center from the North to the South

Tides and currents are--
a) the same in nature and are both affected by the moon and the sun
b) different in nature, because only tides are affected by the sun and moon.
c) the same in nature, because gravity works on both of them
d) different in nature because one happens during the day and one at night.

Tides are___________________________________________.
a) Movement of the Earth’s water through the ocean .
b) The daily rise and fall of the Earth’s water along the shore.
c) The increase in the amount of water in the Earth’s oceans.
d) The cycling of water through the environment.

Tides are mostly caused by________________________.
a) The spinning of the Earth.
b) The orbiting of the Earth around the Sun.
c) The Moon’s pull of gravity on the Earth.
d) The Sun’s pull of gravity on the Earth

A single beach on the Earth would have _______ each day.
a) 1 High Tide and 1 Low Tide
b) 2 High Tides and 2 Low Tides
c) 4 High Tides and 4 Low Tides
d) 24 Total Tides

Spring Tides happen during ______ and _______ moons and Neap Tides happen during ________ moons.
a) Gibbous, Crescent, Quarter
b) 1st Quarter, 3rd Quarter, New
c) Full, New, Quarter
d) Full, New, Crescent

Neap tides happen only during ---------- moon.
a) full moon
b) crescent moons
c) gibbous moons
d) quarter moons

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