7th Grade EOY Life Science Final Review Part 3 Question Preview (ID: 31875)

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Some types of bacteria can only live where oxygen is not present. These bacteria were well adapted to life on Earth over 2 billion years ago.Which of the following changes caused many of these bacteria to become extinct?
a) an increase in the number of photosynthetic organisms
b) the slow movement of tectonic plates
c) the varying temperatures of each season
d) an increase in volcanic activity from ocean vents

Which term refers to the process by which individuals in a population that are better adapted to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce?
a) natural selection
b) overproduction
c) competition
d) variation

Which of the following statements best describes how Charles Darwin would explain giraffes with long necks?
a) Variations produce longer and shorter-necked giraffes. Longer necked giraffes can reach food more and survive and reproduce
b) Long-necked giraffes eat from higher trees than short-necked giraffes so their necks grew longer
c) Some giraffes have acquired longer necks by stretching to reach food and then passed that trait on.
d) Giraffes started out with long necks and haven't changed.

The human eye is explained by scientists to have developed
a) as a series of random, helpful mutations over millions of generations
b) as a series of chosen, helpful traits over several generations
c) as a random mutation that occured over 200 million years ago
d) as a neutral mutation that didn't change the proteins from other sense organs

The bones of a whale flipper are similar to the bones of a bat wing as shown below. What does this similarity in bone structure suggest about the whale and bat?
a) They evolved from a common ancestor.
b) They use the same methods to travel.
c) They can migrate to the same locations.
d) They can manipulate objects in the same way.

Which cellular organelle uses DNA to make proteins for the cell?
a) ribosomes
b) nucleus
c) chlorplasts
d) mitochondria

Sunlight is converted to food in plant cells in what organelle?
a) chlorplasts
b) mitochondria
c) vacuole
d) ribosomes

Substances enter any plant or animal cell by passing through which of the following structures?
a) cell membrane
b) chlorplasts
c) nucleus
d) large vacuole

A student prepared the list of characteristics about a cellular organelle: present in plants, present in animals, makes ATP. Which of the following cellular structures is the student describing?
a) mitochondrion
b) cell wall
c) chloroplasts
d) vacuole

What are the basic structural units of all living organisms (that can perform all life processes)?
a) cell
b) organs
c) nuclei
d) molecules

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